About us


Pippa Bateman Communications is a leading communication consulting and training business based in London.  We help leaders and management teams to harness the power of their spoken communication so that they can enhance their outcomes in the moments that matter most to them and their businesses.
The reach and relevance of our work is broad both in terms of application and industry. Our clients include FTSE 100 CEOs, Senior Partners and Executive Board members of some of the worlds most successful professional services firms and we also deliver leadership communication courses as part of a number of high-profile Leadership Development Programmes. We also work with Management Teams getting ready for investor presentations and other high-stakes transaction events. What all of our clients have in common is a desire to enhance their outcomes by harnessing the power of their communication.


Pippa’s first loves were psychology and the performing arts and it was the combination of these two subjects which lead her into the world of professional development and communication consulting & training.  

Whilst at University, Pippa completed masters degrees in Psychology and the Performing Arts (1st class MA Psych Hons Edinburgh University, MPerf RSAMD) and then spent five hugely enjoyable years on the professional stage, performing in plays and musicals around the world. This chapter culminated in a year with the West End musical ‘Wicked’, understudying the leading lady, Glinda the Good.

After Wicked, Pippa cut her teeth in Learning & Development with the psychology based learning business, Mind Gym. While she was there, she realised that it was the power of the spoken word that really fascinated her, and it was this realisation that drew her to the boutique communications business, AGL, and its Founder, Anthony Gordon Lennox. She spent five extraordinary years under the tutelage of the late Anthony Gordon Lennox (known as ‘Ant’) and it was under his wing that Pippa discovered her own unique approach to communication consulting. There, she had the enormous pleasure and privilege to work with some truly remarkable people, including Monica Lewinsky (2015 TED Talk, ‘The Price of Shame’) as well as a number of other leaders in public life and politics.

Having started her own family, Pippa launched Pippa Bateman Communications in 2015 so that she could spend more time exploring her own approach. She now leads a small team of experts who deliver her unique approach to communication consulting and training to a wide range of businesses across London and abroad.

Pippa lives by the river in Putney with her husband and two young children, Honor & Edward, where they spend a lot of time bouncing on the trampoline in the garden and playing Dobble. Pippa loves her family, her work, and escaping to the beach as often as possible.


Jenn has worked in professional development for over a decade, initially as a Learning & Development specialist for an international art business and later as a facilitator and coach for an agency specialising in leadership communication. She has spent the last seven years helping leaders to develop their presence and impact so that they persuade and inspire hearts as well as minds.

Jenn thrives on helping individuals harness their authentic style of leadership communication and fulfil their potential. She is a great believer in the expression “talk is the work of leaders” but notices that, despite this, leaders rarely receive the space, support or investment needed to develop this vital skill set.

Her working life is concerned with equipping clients with the tools, approaches and insights that will immediately strengthen their personal presence and the impact of their message. She has designed and delivered coaching and training programmes for leaders in professional services, financial services, PR & media, telco, pharmaceutical, aviation, construction, and the creative industries. She has also worked with organisations in the third sector and with leaders and entrepreneurs in a private capacity.

Her career is rooted in a love of language, having spent part of her early childhood living in Italy. This ignited a fascination with the way language fosters a sense of belonging, and led her to study Italian and Spanish at the University of Cambridge. She went on to win a scholarship to study for a Masters in Linguistics at The University of Chicago. Jenn also has an MSc in Human Resource Development & Consultancy from the University of London, where she was awarded best post-graduate student in the Department of Organisational Psychology and wrote a thesis about how professionals learn complex skills on the job. She has been an associate member of the CIPD and has her Professional Coaching Skills Certificate (ICF ACSTH.)