The reach and relevance of my work is broad both in terms of application and industry.  I help executive boards and leadership teams at blue chip businesses to drive strategic change using their communication.  I help public figures prepare to speak to global audiences, including mainstage at TED and TEDx.  I work with a diverse number of UK organisations where I lead communication skills programmes on pitching, presenting and personal impact.  I also help Management Teams, Founders and CEOs articulate their propositions for pitches and investor presentations, where trust is often the most overlooked requirement for success.

Below is a small sample of testimonials from recent clients which bring to life what it is like to work with me.

Ols VG

Pippa’s guidance, for both a 120 people speaker event I opened and a 30 people VP audience I was hosting, was invaluable. Her tips and tricks made all the difference in making both events hugely successful. I found her advice on both content and delivery brilliant and it will have both a short and long term impact on my leadership presence. I would highly recommend working with Pippa


It was amazing. Some people came to me after the talk, to say that they felt very touched (2 girls cried, I saw them with water in their eyes) and almost everyone there talked to me after, saying they felt really inspired too… I think overall It was very close to our rehearsal. In other words, I enjoyed very much. I never thought I was going to say this, but truth is I liked speaking in public and I want to do it again!  Again, thank you so much for everything.


After several shaky public speaking moments in my life, the time I spent with Pippa has certainly removed the dread and I am keener to do more. I will definitely work with Pippa again and I would fully endorse her work in improving public speaking and general communication skills.

My boss just told me he thought I had facilitated & presented really well today – with much more confidence than he’s seen before. So thank you!!! I had other people also come to tell me they thought it was a really good session. Phew!


Just wanted to say thank you again! I hope you know how great I think you are. You really transformed me! The presentation went really really well. I got more compliments than I could deal with!


It was amazing to meet you – I feel like you have helped me so much. I should have contacted you years ago! I’ve been practicing my pitch in my car. I can’t thank you enough for your help I hope I can reach my true potential now, and fake it till I become it!

Alex Priestley

The advice and coaching she gave me was instrumental… in particular the way in which I went about my preparation and rehearsals, but also the way in which I was able to project greater clarity, impact and confidence in what I was saying on the day. I would highly recommend her to others.