My approach



In a world that is saturated with digital communication and social media, it is still the spoken word that holds court. So, if we want to change minds, spread ideas or get things done, talking beats typing every time.

The trouble is that we often underestimate the power of the spoken word. And this can come at a cost. The idea not created. The opportunity passed over. The deal not sealed. The promotion not secured. The proposition misunderstood. The strategy not realised. The potential not reached.

If we want to change our audience’s hearts, minds and actions, then I believe we have got to find ways to communicate our ideas with simplicity, clarity and personal conviction. This is what communication consulting and training is all about.


I work with individuals, teams and businesses to create and deliver powerful messages. I help people get ready to speak publicly on big stages and to global audiences, including TED and TEDx. I work with leaders needing to communicate in order to drive change. I work with teams of people, designing and leading communication skills programmes on, pitching, presenting, performance management and personal impact.  I work with management teams, Founders and CEOs preparing for investor presentations.  Additionally, I consult with businesses to help them articulate their propositions for marketing campaigns, industry conferences and product launches.

My ultimate aim is to help my clients to feel better, be better and do better in the moments that matter most to them and their businesses. 

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